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[Study in Taiwan] Searching international students

Casting call


The life of an international student studying at the university in Taiwan

Shooting Date

Please provide the available time slots from 15 November to 20 December.

The film will be shot on one of these days.

Filming Locations


Casting Requirements

  1. Foreign actors
  2. Visual age about 20~24, college student appearance
  3. Compensation: NTD 800-2000.
  4. Non-commercial use and authorized the permeant copyright


- The role includes actor’s lines in English

- No in-person casting, we will select based on the online submissions. Please kindly find the details below.

How to sign up

Send an email with the Title "college promo - [school name] - [gender] - [nationality] - [full name]".

Within the email, please include the following information:

  1. Please provide basic information - name/height/weight/age/nationality
  2. Please provide your recent photos with clear front view, side view as well as full-body and half-body photos. Photos of the facial features are required, no beauty and retouching filters.
  3. Dynamic video: please introduce yourself in English for 20 seconds and please use a horizontal shot
  4. Tidy up and Dress sharp for your photo and video. If possible, please use a white wall as your video background.
  5. Contact phone number & Line ID

Photo and video files should be provided as a cloud link (DO NOT attach the photos/video directly within the email)

  1. E-mail: maximumfilmcasting@gmail.com
  2. Application deadline: 11/8 16:00 pm

** Due to the large number of emails, we are not able to reply each one.**

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