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The Office of International Affairs at the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality & Tourism enhances international cooperation and the university’s globalization. The office is responsible for promoting businesses relevant to the international cooperation of hospitality and tourism education and will actively develop overseas practice opportunities of students. Furthermore, the Office of International Affairs aims to increase foreign cooperation by synchronizing the “sandwich” teaching method from the university to the international level, improve the students’ international competitiveness, as well as the university’s international reputation.
      Within the office, there is one international director who is in charge of the development of international business, academic exchange and cooperation, student recruitment and service, etc. The office contains three sub-divisions: the International Cooperation Section, the International Exchange Section and the International Student Affairs Section. The responsibilities of each team is described as:

Telephone extension:
1. International Cooperation Section:1720、1721、1722
2. International Exchange Section:1730、1731、1732
3. International Student Affairs Section:1750、1751、1752

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