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To Sign up for the Virtual Information Session 2021: Italy-Florence University Arts (FUA)

2021 Virtual Information Session: Italy-Florence University Arts (FUA)

Date: Tuesday, 16 November

Time: 6:30pm-7:20pm

Location: Administration Bldg. 6th Floor

Wearing a face mask is mandatory



(1) Only for Culinary, Baking, and F&B students of NKUHT.

(2) Attendance for this session must be required, or you will not be allowed to join FUA program selection procedure.

(3) No eating during the session.

Click here to sign up to learn more about this program by 12pm, November 12 (Friday)Registration deadline will be extended on November 15 (Monday) by 5pm. 

Please contact Jasmine Chen if you have any questions at yingchen@staff.nkuht.edu.tw


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