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Sustainable Hospitality Challenge 2020

Hosted by Hotelschool The Hague,International Hospitality Investment Forum and the International Tourism Partnership

About the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge:

Hotelschool The Hague has created and organised the Genio Worldwide Innovation Summit for the past six years. The summit challenges student teams from top international hotel schools to address a real-life case, which includes a present-day, challenging component that the industry is currently facing. Student teams are given the incredible opportunity to pitch their approach to the case to a prominent jury consisting of top CEOs and Vice Presidents in the hospitality industry. The challenge has taken an exciting direction with sustainability as its recurring theme. In order to support and enhance the development of sustainable hospitality, Genio will gain a bigger platform by combining the best of innovation, sustainability and talent to become the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge.

What is in it for you?

  • This unique opportunity allows you to address an incredibly relevant and current topic, which is having tremendous impact on the industry.
  • Great personal exposure as an individual and the opportunity to interact with many top hotel school students, industry leaders and to participate in an incredible challenge.
  • Complimentary access to a world-renowned fair for students and their supervisor.
  • The challenge finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their approach to the case in a presentation to the leading CEOs at the IHIF. The challenge winning team will be announced on the IHIF’s main stage in front of 2.500 Industry Executives, press and with many live streams


  • Dedication and passion for a project next to your studies 
  • Interest in the field of Sustainability and Innovation 
  • Final year students with excellent grades
  • Approximate workload of 4-6 hours a week

Do you fulfil the requirements? Then continue to read... 

Selection procedure: 

  • send your CV in English.
  • autobiography in English
  • language certificate
  • any other information related to attending international competition
  • prepare a short presentation (see presentation flyer for details below)

Required documentation to apply to attend, please submit to IAO office by September 15, 2020 at noon. 

  Interview will be scheduled on September 17 after 3:30pm (TBC). 

The Challenge Date: November 2020 (TBC)

The format of the Challenge 2020:

Covid-19 and the many consequences it brings have of course also affected our challenge. This year, the semi-finals online will be held and it will be a virtual conference, hosted in November of 2020, with many interesting speakers and forums. The challenge finals are scheduled to take place at the IHIF in Berlin in May, 2021. 

♦Applicants:  NKUHT students

Fees: If goes to the Challenge finals in Germany, the Registration fee will be paid by students first if needed and have a reimbursement after returning from the summit. Students needs to be responsible for their air fares.

Link to video of the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge (previous years): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPe7yGegCwM&feature=youtu.be

Visit the website for more information: https://www.thestudentchallenge.com/


For more details:

Contact IAO (Jasmine Chen) for any details or questions at yingchen@staff.nkuht.edu.tw

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