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★★★【The COVID-19 Coronavirus situation, what should I do if I need to do self-health management?】

轉知:健康中心相關訊息 (From NKUHT Health Center)

Update: Mar 3, 2020


1. 不須自己一間房間,亦可與室友同住。

No need to do isolation. You can stay in your room with your roommates.


2. 每日早/晚各量體溫一次並詳實記錄。

You need to take your temperature every morning and evening.


3. 如沒出現任何症狀,於宿舍房間內可脫下口罩正常生活,至公共空間及上課一定要戴口罩。

If you don’t have any symptoms then you don’t need to wear a mask in your room, but when you go outside or go to class you must wear a mask.


  • 自主健康管理詳細訊息,可連結以下網址

More information about self-health management, please refer to the link below:


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