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★★★ 【New NHI card policy due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus】(for international students)

在新型冠狀並度肺炎疫情期間,原則上於2019121日至2020331 日間出入境影響在臺居留滿 6 個月計算者,得不受曾出境 1 次未逾 30 日之限制。

In response to COVID-19 Coronavirus the National Health Administration has updated their policy. This applies to people who have not yet been in Taiwan for 6 months and so have not yet applied for their NHI card.

For the new NHI policy, any one-time departure from Taiwan of greater than 30 days in the period from Dec 1 2019 to Mar 31 2020 will not affect your application for an NHI card. Once you have an actual residency period of 6 months in Taiwan you may apply for the NHI card.



入境臺灣201991日,取得居留證2019915日,第一次出境20201 20日,然後2020 2 25 日入境,已出境36/ (超過30)


得自取得居留證日 2019915日起算在臺居留滿6個月 (2020315),加上出境期間 36 天,併計達 6 個月之日,2020420日可以參加健保


The arrival in Taiwan: Sep 1, 2019

ARC approved date in Taiwan: Sep 15, 2019

Departure from Taiwan: Jan 20 - Feb 26, 2020 (36 days)

With the new policy

Sep 15, 2019 + 6 months + 36 days = April 20, 2020 – apply for NHI


If you have stayed in Taiwan for the required days (under the new policy) the Health Center Nurse will help you to register for NHI.

Please pay attention to your individual situation.

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