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★★★【Novel Coronavirus situation, how to purchase a surgical face mask in Taiwan】


An NHI Card or a Resident Certificate is required to purchase a mask (since February 6th, 20200


  • 外國人International Students
  1. 如果你有健保,並持有健保卡,請攜帶健保卡至健保特約藥局購買。

If you are enrolled in the Taiwan NHI program and have an NHI Card please take your NHI card and go to an NHI contracted pharmacy to buy masks.

  1. 如果你沒有健保卡,請攜帶你的居留證、居留簽證或入境簽證至健保特約藥局購買

If you are not enrolled in the NHI program, please carry your Resident Certificate  

or Entry/Exit Permit and go to an NHI contracted pharmacy to buy masks.


  • 購買規定Regulations

        1. 每個人憑證(健保卡)7天內可以買2個口罩/次,每個5元。

Each person is allowed to buy two masks per NHI card or certificate at a price of NT$ 5 every 7 days.

        2. 證件的最後一個數字代表你可以去買口罩的時間

           奇數 (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) ---- 星期一、三、五

           偶數 (2, 4, 6, 8, 0) ---- 星期二、四、六

           星期日--- 沒有限制

           Based on the last digit of your NHI Card or Resident Certificate or Entry/Exit   

           Permit you may purchase masks on the following days:

          Odd digit (1,3,5,7,9): Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

          Even digit (0,2,4,6,8): Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

         Sunday: No Limitation for your NHI card or Resident Certificate


資料來源:疾管局 from CDC, Taiwan


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