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★★★【Novel Coronavirus situation, updated information on Feb 10】 (for International Students)

Update 2020/02/10


  • 繳學費 Pay the tuition fee
  1. 請於繳費單上的期限前(2020225)繳費

Please pay the tuition fees before the deadline (Feb 25, 2020).

  1. 超過繳費期限,可以至以下單位繳交現金


(2)出納組 (僅限202032 930-15)

       If your payment is overdue, you can pay by cash at

  1. First Bank

(2)The Cashier Section at 9.30am – 3pm on 2 Mar, 2020


  • 選課及教務相關 Course selection and academic affairs
  1. 網路預選日期:2020214-20

Online pre-registration: Feb 14-20, 2020

  1. 加退選:202032-13

Application to add or drop course registration: Mar 2-13, 2020

  1. 其他教務重要訊息及行程,請連結以下網址

Other important information and schedule from Academic Affairs Office, please refer the link below.




  • 高餐大防疫專區 Novel Coronavirus Prevention Section of NKUHT




Please check regularly for any updates.

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