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★★★【In response to the Novel Coronavirus situation, updated information from NKUHT 】(for International Students)

Update 2020/02/06

  • 上課日期 Class begins and ends 


          The first day of class will be on March 2nd 2020.

           The last day of class will be on June 24th 2020.


  • 住宿 Dormitory
  1. 建議所有住宿生於202031再入住宿舍

The date for moving in to the dorm is March 1st 2020

  1. 同學可提早入住,但須配合學校防疫相關作業,此段期間(2/15-3/1)不額外收費。*港澳生請務必於2/16前返臺,以配合疫情相關作業。

Students can move into the dorm earlier (Feb 15th - March 1st) if unable to change the flight tickets. Students will not be charged an extra dormitory fee, but must follow the school regulations for the prevention of the Novel Coronavirus.

 *Macao/ Hong Kong students must come back to Taiwan before or on Feb 16.


  • 健保、醫療保險 NHI and medical insurance
  1. 尚未取得健保者,仍要遵守只可出境一次,不可超過30之限制

Students who don’t have NHI need to follow the regulations (one departure is permitted of no more than 30 days).

  1. 沒有健保,未來還是可以投保學校的醫療保險(500/),請於開學第一週(3/6) 前向健康中心申請。

If you don’t have NHI, we strongly suggest you purchase medical insurance (NT$500/month) for this semester. Please meet with the school nurse before March 6.


  • 回臺機票 Return ticket to Taiwan


Please don’t change planes in Hong Kong, Macao or China or you will be quarantined after arrival or may not be allowed to enter Taiwan.


  • 選課 Course selection


Please check the Academic Affairs Office website for online course registration


請隨時注意更新訊息,疫情相關規定配合政府最新公告 Please check regularly for any updates.

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